5 best books to read for reinventing your organization

Reinventing your organizational culture can lead to more efficient, leaner, and better performing organizations. But change can be difficult to bring about, even in the most forward-thinking organizations. The simple truth is that it is human nature to resist change. If you’re to turn your organization into a better outfit, these 5 books on organizational culture are an excellent starting point.

1.   Employees First, Customers Second by Vineet Nayar

This is a book by Vineet Nayar, the former Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies. It is one of the primary – and best – literatures on the ‘put employees first’ concept. Mr. Nayar shows how he defied the conventional wisdom that businesses should put customers first, then turned this hierarchical pyramid upside down by making a firm’s management accountable to employees – and not the other way round. By following this approach, Nayar put HCLT on a path of transformation.

2.   Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

Study after study shows that employees are disengaged with their organizations. The majority of people are disillusioned and feel soulless and lifeless about their jobs. Deep down though, all people want is a soulful workplace, passion, purpose, community, and authenticity. Conventional wisdom says that the solution to this situation is enlightened leaders. But Frederic Laloux in his top selling book shows a new way to structure and run organizations.

3.   The Culture Blueprint by Robert Richman

Robert Richman’s culture blueprint is an essential guide on creating systems that scale a great workplace as the business grows. It is a blueprint for maintaining high levels of morale and employee engagement as the company grows – while at the same time providing a sense of ownership to everyone. This book shows the strategies for fostering enthusiastic and committed employees. Richman even explains how you can cultivate a culture that attracts the right employees and repels the wrong ones. The culture blueprint will teach you how to develop a culture that is just right.

4.   Change the Culture, Change the Game by Rodgers Connors and Tom Smith

This book delivers a breakthrough strategy for energizing organizations and creating accountability for results. Written by two New York Times bestselling authors, Change the Culture shows how business leaders can accomplish extraordinary results by effectively shaping the people culture. The book details how many organizations see accountability as something that just happens when things go wrong. They explain that the real accountability should be achieved via a proven step-by-step process to make things go right.

5.   Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Last but not least on our list is Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, a book by Simon Sinek. One of the best books on leadership, it explains how visionary leaders work for the people. They form a Circle of Safety within which people can collaborate and work together in amazing ways – towards creating long term success. This read is both practical and thought-provoking, and it provides amazing ideas and insights on how you can be an inspiring leader in any institution.

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