How to Put Your Employees First

Companies are dependent on the performance of their employees to excel.  It can be very hard to motivate people to work towards the achievement of your company goals.  So how can you treat your employees to motivate them to give the company the very best?

Build a culture where employees come first 

Every decision made should be made with the employees in mind. If you have this culture, then you will automatically treat your employee’s rights. The management will also make decisions that influence employees positively. 

Define the roles of the employees and the vision and the value of the company 

Employees need to understand the purpose of the job that they do.  You should also make sure that you clearly define the role that the employees play to the overall goal of the organization.  People always want to feel that they are part of something special, so you should also identify how your company is different and special from the rest in the market. 

Build your employees

Every employee has needs and you need to meet their needs where possible.  Take time to know your employees so that you understand what motivates them.  Once you have an understanding of what motivates your employees, work towards building them up. 

Your employees need to know the financial performance of the company

 A lot of employers would want their employees to think like the owners of the company but they cannot think like owners of the company if they do not understand how the company operates and performs.  If you share this information with your employees they will understand the company better and they will also understand the role that they have to play to improve the company. 

The remuneration of the employees should be fair

Employees offer you a service for a fee.  How much you appreciate them can also be seen by how much you pay them. Once you have shared the figures that you make, you need to make sure that you pay your employees well. When the employees feel that you are making a lot of money but you are not paying them well, then they will not work as hard as they should.  Also, as the company grows you should evaluate the pay that you pay your employees.  Finally, there should be equity in the remuneration technique that you use. 

Equip your employees with the tools required for them to excel

A lot of employees struggle to get their job done because they do not have the required tools.  If you provide them with the tools required to carry out different tasks then it is a show of care.  Your employees will achieve more and enjoy their work.

Offer your employees independence. They should act in an autonomous way.  Do not supervise your employees all the time. You need to trust them and show them that you have respect for their skills and you trust their abilities. 

Get employee feedback on a regular basis

You can never understand your employees if you do not hear from them. Also, the mere fact that you are collecting feedback means that you care about them. Once you have collected feedback, you should work on what the employee’s sight as problems.  People tend to be motivated to work when they feel that their employers are interested in their opinion.

Always recognize the work of your employees

Appreciate the efforts that your employees make.  Ensure that you approach every employee who performs well and thank them for their efforts.  

In case there is a disagreement between your employee and any other stakeholder of the company, support your employee. Customers are always right but the people working for you determine the success of the company significantly.  So you should always support them when need be.


Employees are an important part of every organization.  They ensure that the company is running even without the presence of the owner of the company.  It is important to appreciate your employees because it has a direct influence on the way that they perform their duties. There are different ways that you can show appreciation for your employees. The article indicates some simple techniques that you should utilize to show your employees appreciation.

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7 excellent tips to take care of your employees

Ethical practices have a huge impact on staff. According to a JUST Capital survey, about 8 out of every 10 American workers are willing to work at a lower pay if they perceive their organization to be ‘just’. This says a lot about the role of trust, respect, and fair treatment in the workplace. You have the power to create a really enviable, extraordinary team. Organizations that are committed to employee satisfaction are way ahead of the pack. In this post, we look at 7 great ways to put your employees first for the overall good of your business.

1. Believe in your team

To get the most from your business’s talent pool, you really have to believe in them and support them unconditionally. This means that you see all your team members as A-players who should be treated as such. Invest time and resources in their growth, coach them, and help them mature their personal greatness. Challenging and motivating employees takes leadership vision – not threats and micromanagement. Think about how you can offer praise and rewards for hard work, as well as promote mutual respect and other ethical practices that will make people feel great about working for your company.

2. Foster unit through caring

Cultivating a positive workplace culture is indeed one of the best ways to put your employees first. But this is easier said than done. The goal for business owners and decision-makers is to get employees to buy into a cause that is greater than their own motives. Caring for your team so much that they’ll be willing to give up personal gain for the good of other team members, and the cause. This culture of caring should be a consistent way in which you treat your employees. Every company should find a creative way to provide acceptance, approval, appreciation, affection, and attention to its team members – throughout everyday operations.

3. Make employee satisfaction a priority

Companies conduct customer satisfaction surveys all the time. But very few regularly gauge and monitor the satisfaction level of their staff members. Failure to prioritize employee satisfaction means that your teams will feel less engaged in the work they do for your organization. The best way to improve employee satisfaction levels is to create a culture where employees love to come to work. Collect feedback and talk to your employees about the issues that matter to them – whether they like the product they’re promoting, their ideal commute times, etc. When your staff members feel satisfied, they’ll be more productive and eager to perform.

4. Encourage employee growth

Your company won’t grow if your employees aren’t growing. Visionary leaders work to push employees beyond self-limiting boundaries. Companies that care about their employees help people reach their own professional goals. Consider offering benefits such as education reimbursement and feedback meetings. Any chance that you have to empower your team members to learn new things and push them outside their comfort zone will suffice.

5. Integrate wellness into the workday

Leaders cannot effectively put employees first unless they focus on all aspects of the employee. That includes things such as health. Companies that prioritize personal wellness and infuse it into the organizational culture all year round prove that they care about their employees. Think about hosing wellness-themed events, maybe yoga classes, and so on.

6. Practice radical openness

If you drop the bomb during annual reviews but say nothing on a daily basis, your staff will end up angry and confused. People will think that you were not honest with them upfront when it really mattered, and when they could have done something about it. They definitely won’t understand why you have to bring up the issue(s) months later. Practice radical honesty in your organization, but in a respectful way. When someone does very well, speak up, And when an employee makes errors, point that out right away. Always give your team members an opportunity to rectify their mistakes.

7. Put people before profits

Your employees should be treated as people, not commodities. If someone did not perform well, your first reaction might be to remove responsibilities, lower the boom, or even make threats. Often, this kind of feedback will backfire. Someone could be performing poorly because they are agonizing over something that you are not even aware of. So when you see that a certain staff member is contributing less than they should, this gives you an opportunity to learn more. Maybe there’s an underlying issue, or they probably need more coaching. Any underlying support that you give to your employees will be passed along to customers.

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11 Companies that Put Their Employees First

In Annual General Meetings and boardroom conventions, CEOs love to talk about how their people are their greatest asset. In everyday business practice, though, very few of these executives manage to translate such claims into action. Companies that truly put their employees first cultivate workplace respect, encourage educational pursuits, professional growth, and increased satisfaction of their workforce. As a result, they attract a pool of highly skilled (and happy) employees with very low turnover rates. Based on employees’ input and information gathered from job industry authorities such as Glassdoor and, this is our list of the best workplaces in 2019.

1. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a leading management consulting firm that advises leaders on marketing operations, strategy, IT, and areas. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, employs more than 6,000 people and has an office presence in over 57 global cities. has rated Bain & Company among the top companies to work in for all years in a row since 2010. The company was ranked the #1 best workplace in 2019. Employees love that the company cares about their careers within the company as well as beyond. There’s an amazing culture and a really supportive environment.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce – the San Francisco-based CRM software solution – really cares about empowering its workforce and improving the community around it. Salesforce is known to walk the talk, unlike many other top companies that simply make bold claims and do very little action-wise.

Employees enjoy a sense of inspiration that comes from the firm’s leadership taking a firm stand on social issues, and volunteerism is a major part of working here. Back in 2016, Salesforce spent about $3 million to achieve virtually equal pay for positions across demographics. Some of the world-renowned benefits that employees enjoy here include sabbatical leave, unlimited vacation time, and a very generous 401k policy. Employees get 7 days of paid volunteer time each year. What’s more, the company will much every charitable donation made by an employee (dollar for dollar) up to $5,000.

3. Hilton

For many years in a row, Hilton has been the #1 coveted price for employees in the hospitality industry. Headquartered in the United States, the company employs over 161,000 employees across the world. It ranks among the best employers in Australia, Brazil, the UK, the United States, China, and Saudi Arabia, among many other countries.

Hilton employees embody the very hospitality that they show to their guests. There’s a very friendly culture here, and employees see their leaders as accessible and approachable. Although the company is over 100 years old, they love to act like a new startup that is keen on nourishing new ideas and innovation.

4. Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is a leader in enterprise video communications. They provide an easy and reliable cloud platform for seamless audio and video conferencing, chat, collaboration, and webinars on all devices. Zoom is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs over 1,000 people.

What makes this among the best workplaces in 2019 is the fantastic culture of ‘Happiness’ at the company. Employees here feel it daily and look forward to coming to work because they feel cared for.

5. In-N-Out Burger

This is one of those restaurants where you can just close your eyes and imagine taking that delicious first bite. They serve a selection of cheeseburgers, hamburgers, French fries, shakes, and more. This eatery treats its employees right and you can see that right out of their smiles as they serve the not-so-secret menu. With great training and an excellent support structure, In-N-Out Burger offers some of the best opportunities to advance both in-store and corporate.

6. Procore Technologies

Procore is the world’s top construction management software. They have a universal platform that connects everyone and everything that is needed for a streamlined project. Procore is based in Carpinteria, California, and employs over 1,000 individuals.

Their most distinct advantage is the opportunity for career growth. This company is bent on making its employees better and letting them pursue their interests.

7. Boston Consulting Group

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Consulting Group is one of the world’s top advisors on business strategy. They partner with a global pool of clients to identify the highest-value opportunities.

Some of the best things about working here is the work-and-life balance. They also have amazing benefits, a people-focused approach, and a positive organizational culture. Although the work they do here is challenging, employees get to enjoy a family feeling at the offices, and many benefits such as yoga, massage, PT-trainings, naprapathy, tennis, and more.


This Mountain View, California-based company connects the world’s professionals and has transformed the way companies hire, market, and sell. More than 5,000 employees work here to create economic opportunities for the global workforce.

Many employees who work at this technology giant say they are happy with the company’s vision. They feel that they are working to change the world for the better while being rewarded handsomely for doing just that. The work culture at LinkedIn is amazing with awesome perks.

9. Facebook

Social Media giant Facebook cares so much about its employees. A sustainable work environment that encourages employees to care for themselves is part of the culture here.

The company offers incredible perks and benefits including free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as an unlimited amount of snacks and drinks in between. Facebook’s international headquarters in California is the ultimate techie’s dream. It has a barbershop, gym, bike repair center, restaurants, clothes store, video arcade, and a lot of other amenities that make it a self-sustaining workplace. And that’s not where it ends. Facebook takes its employees’ personal matters very seriously. They’ll give parents with newborn babies a lot of money (known as ‘baby cash’) and offer a lot of support in many different areas.

10. Alphabet

Based in Mountain View, California, Alphabet is Google’s parent company. This tech giant offers some of the best perks for its employees, including benefits, compensation, and career opportunities. They also have an industry-leading 401k plan. In terms of the environment, the company ranks very highly for water, electricity, and fuel efficiency.

Alphabet is an industry leader based on the number of Americans it employs. People who work love the company culture that encourages respect and valuable relationships.

11. Lululemon

Lululemon is headquartered in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and has business locations across Canada, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. The company employs over 1,000 people and focuses on creating components that’ll help people live longer, healthier, and ‘more fun’ lives.

Employees at this firm say they are incredibly happy about the fun and supportive environment. The personal development here is incredible because the company invests so much in everyone. Plus employees only need to work 25 hours per week to be considered full-time.

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Should I Offer my Employees Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is an important type of coverage that can help individuals offset exorbitant care costs should they suffer from a chronic illness, disability, or cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s. Essentially, the policy reimburses you for long term care expenses incurred in your home, or professional facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living centers. This ensures that you have a plan when you enter your golden years and that you can receive a high quality of care without having to constantly worry about cutting costs.

While most long-term care insurance policies are purchased individually, employers can offer group LTC policies to attract and retain employees. A group policy covers your employees for as long as they work at your firm. These policies are highly customizable to ensure that they meet the specific needs of each employer.

Group LTC Insurance: What are the Options

Employers can choose from two different insurance options when it comes to protecting their employees from long term care costs.

True Group Plans

This is a master policy that is issued to the employer and that covers each employee. For many years, this was the only way for employers to provide long term care insurance to their employees. Premiums are designed to remain constant throughout the life of the policy. The most significant advantage of this group insurance option is that it often covers individuals with health issues. These policies typically allow for a census-driven enrollment of employees with payroll deduction of premiums and coverage terms based on the state of the employer. While these policies are still active and already benefiting millions of Americans, most (if not all) group carriers no longer offer this coverage to new employers.

Multi-Life Policies

Most long-term care insurance policies sold to employers today are individual contracts referred to ‘multi-life’ LTC. These policies are typically offered on a voluntary employee-pays-all basis. They are very common with midsize and small groups of workers but are also sometimes acquired by larger entities. Discounts (typically ranging between 5 to 10) person are offered to the group of employees (policyholders) as long as there are at least 10 members. By using individual contracts for each enrollee, insurers can manage pricing and underwriting more effectively. These policies have more flexibility in terms of policy benefits. Multi-life policies have become so common today in part because most group carriers already left the market.  

Comparing Group LTC Policies

When shopping for group long-term care insurance, it is very important to evaluate the ins and outs of every policy. It often happens that you may be able to get better coverage for less money by selecting the right carrier. Our LTC insurance comparison service can help you select the perfect group LTC insurance for your employees based on their (and your company’s) unique needs and goals.

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