How to Put Your Employees First

Companies are dependent on the performance of their employees to excel.  It can be very hard to motivate people to work towards the achievement of your company goals.  So how can you treat your employees to motivate them to give the company the very best?

Build a culture where employees come first 

Every decision made should be made with the employees in mind. If you have this culture, then you will automatically treat your employee’s rights. The management will also make decisions that influence employees positively. 

Define the roles of the employees and the vision and the value of the company 

Employees need to understand the purpose of the job that they do.  You should also make sure that you clearly define the role that the employees play to the overall goal of the organization.  People always want to feel that they are part of something special, so you should also identify how your company is different and special from the rest in the market. 

Build your employees

Every employee has needs and you need to meet their needs where possible.  Take time to know your employees so that you understand what motivates them.  Once you have an understanding of what motivates your employees, work towards building them up. 

Your employees need to know the financial performance of the company

 A lot of employers would want their employees to think like the owners of the company but they cannot think like owners of the company if they do not understand how the company operates and performs.  If you share this information with your employees they will understand the company better and they will also understand the role that they have to play to improve the company. 

The remuneration of the employees should be fair

Employees offer you a service for a fee.  How much you appreciate them can also be seen by how much you pay them. Once you have shared the figures that you make, you need to make sure that you pay your employees well. When the employees feel that you are making a lot of money but you are not paying them well, then they will not work as hard as they should.  Also, as the company grows you should evaluate the pay that you pay your employees.  Finally, there should be equity in the remuneration technique that you use. 

Equip your employees with the tools required for them to excel

A lot of employees struggle to get their job done because they do not have the required tools.  If you provide them with the tools required to carry out different tasks then it is a show of care.  Your employees will achieve more and enjoy their work.

Offer your employees independence. They should act in an autonomous way.  Do not supervise your employees all the time. You need to trust them and show them that you have respect for their skills and you trust their abilities. 

Get employee feedback on a regular basis

You can never understand your employees if you do not hear from them. Also, the mere fact that you are collecting feedback means that you care about them. Once you have collected feedback, you should work on what the employee’s sight as problems.  People tend to be motivated to work when they feel that their employers are interested in their opinion.

Always recognize the work of your employees

Appreciate the efforts that your employees make.  Ensure that you approach every employee who performs well and thank them for their efforts.  

In case there is a disagreement between your employee and any other stakeholder of the company, support your employee. Customers are always right but the people working for you determine the success of the company significantly.  So you should always support them when need be.


Employees are an important part of every organization.  They ensure that the company is running even without the presence of the owner of the company.  It is important to appreciate your employees because it has a direct influence on the way that they perform their duties. There are different ways that you can show appreciation for your employees. The article indicates some simple techniques that you should utilize to show your employees appreciation.

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